The fastest tennis serve ever

The Modern Service Game

The speed and power needed to compete in the top flight of professional tennis has produced some outstanding players, all of who possess an enviable service game. When a player's serve falls to pieces, chances our they will lose the match. Professional players spend a lot of time focusing and working on the all-important serve, which if performed perfectly can intimidate and rattle any player, no matter how talented they are. However, the fastest tennis serve in history belongs to one man and one man only.

Andy Roddick and the Fastest Tennis Serve Ever Recorded

In 2004, whilst playing against Thailand’s Paradorn Srichaphan in a Stella Artois Championship match at London’s Queen’s Club, Andy Roddick delivered a ‘smashing’ serve which clocked a staggering speed of 153 mph. Now of you think that’s impressive, in September of that year Roddick competed in the Davis Cup and delivered a ‘whopper’ of a serve which registered at 155mph. That, ladies and gentleman, is the fastest tennis serve in history.

The Fastest Tennis Serve Ever Smashed by a Woman

Not to be outdone by a mere man, women tennis players are more than capable of holding their own when it comes to a fast service game. The fastest tennis serve in women’s tennis was produced by Brenda Schultz-McCarthy during qualifying for the Cincinnati tournament.

How Fast was it?

How fast was it? well although not quite up to Roddick’s standard, Schultz-McCarthy’s serve came in at a very impressive 130 mph. Which we’re sure you’ll agree is enough to stop anyone in their tracks.


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