Farrell handed ‘chance’ against The Wallabies

England rugby union coach Brian Ashton has handed centre Andy Farrell a sporting poisoned chalice. The erstwhile rugby league legend is picked to play inside centre against The Wallabies on Saturday. There can only be one realistic hope for Farrell and fellow returning team mates, Jason ‘Billy Whizz’ Robinson and Phil ‘Brick Wall With Eyes’ Vickery – to keep the score down to a respectable thrashing. As opposed to an out-and-out drubbing.

Us Poms would do well to avoid anywhere where we might find Aussies at the weekend – ie the pub. While the Wallabies go about their bloodthirsty revenge with chilling professionalism their fans will – no doubt – go about taunting anyone within earshot with relentless glee. To be avoided.

The Wallabies should win by 20 points.

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