The best Fantasy Football game prizes

The origins of the "fantasy football" game can be traced back to 1991, when the company which is now known as Fantasy League Limited developed the idea that consumers could use virtual money to choose their own team of top-flight football professionals within a pre-defined budget.

Fantasy football players accumulated points according to the standard of their team's individual performances concerning several statistics such as the number of goals scored, number of goals set up, number of goals conceded and so on. At the end of the season, the players with the highest number of points could be awarded prizes.

Fantasy League Limited still runs its own fantasy football game, via its website at fantasyleague.com, with prizes of over £50,000. The company also helps organise and administrate the fantasy football competitions of several other major companies, including two of those discussed in this article: the Sun and William Hill. The Telegraph, the other competition discussed her, is unaffiliated.

  • The Sun's Dream Team: Has the obvious advantage of having a massive prize fund pool, with a total of £1,000,000 being awarded over the season. £100,000 goes to the overall winner, with cash prizes awarded down to the 100th place. There are also monthly and weekly prizes offered. Completely free to play, unless you want to enter for optional Premium prizes.
  • William Hill Fantasy League: Gives out over £5000 worth of prizes through the season. Monthly are made up of free bets of £50 and £25 for Manager of the Month and Most Improved Manager respectively. End of the season prizes include a Home Entertainment system 32” ‘SMART’ TV for 1st place, and various Apple products (iPad, iPod, etc.) for 2nd to 5th places. Again, the game is totally free to play.
  • Telegraph Fantasy Football: First prize is an impressive £50,000, while the range of prizes runs from 1st to 20th places. There are also extra prizes for other achievements like the most goals scored by the combined total of all a team's players. This is the only competition to charge for playing: £6 for a single team, or £10 for three teams.

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