fantasy football games online

Saturday see's the return of the English Premier league season and if you haven't done so already, make sure you sign up to the brilliant fantasy football leagues and have the chance of winning vast amounts of money.

One of the most popular sites for fantasy football is dreamteamfc.com which is organised by The Sun newspaper and they are conveniently offering your first team free of charge. For your chance to win their £1 million fantasy football competition, you will have a virtual amount of £50 million to select 11 players from the Premier League that you believe will get significant amount of points for your team. When selecting your team, it's crucial to consider each players goal scoring potential, assists and many more facets. You can select either a 4-4-2 formation or 4-3-3 depending on your personal preference, their are also designated transfer windows at certain points throughout the season to give you the opportunity to swap players around if they aren't performing how you originally envisaged.

Another fantastic site to play fantasy football is fantasy.premierleague.com which once again, is free of charge and is an addictive game which allows you to create leagues with your friends to ultimately determine which of your group is the best manager. With £100 million to pick 15 players, this game has been meticulously designed and guarentees the ultimate fantasy football experience. With the freedom to choose substitutes, make transfers, compete against everyone and in leagues, it's no surprise that this site has been chosen by millions ahead of the new season.

If the Championship is more your preference, then not to worry as fantasy.football-league.co.uk offers you the chance to select your a team made up of entirely Championship players. Hosted by Texaco, this game is brilliant for testing out your lower league knowledge and is great to sign up alongside a premier league fantasy team as well, why not take a look?

With Saturday nearly here, don't miss your chance to be part of fantasy football this year, explore all the different sites and see which site is best for you. Put your managerial skills to the test and who knows? Maybe you will be crowned as the winner this season. There is only one way to find out!

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