'Fantastic' Reds delight Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish has hailed his Liverpool side as ‘fantastic’ after their barn-storming win at Fulham last night took them up to fifth in the league.

The Reds won 5-2 at Craven Cottage, putting on a display of fine passing football, and as a result overtook Tottenham to take the Europa League spot. It’s quite an incredible performance from Daglish, who took over the club in the autumn with it in dire straits; there was even talk of relegation, but now there is a wave of optimism sweeping over Anfield.

‘It's been unbelievable. Nobody would ever have anticipated the run the boys have been on since January,’ he said. ‘Even if we don't get fifth place, they've been absolutely fantastic.

It certainly makes you proud when you see them play like that. For us, the position (in the league) hasn't been as important as the response. Fulham have got a fantastic record here. They are a really really good side and we were expecting a tough game but we started really well.’

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