Fabregas: it's out of my hands

Cesc Fabregas has claimed that his Arsenal future is out of his hands, saying that whether he moves to Barcelona or not depends entirely on the actions of his manager Arsène Wenger. Which is to say, if he hadn’t made it quite clear that he wants to move, it would be out of his hands. Had he said that he wanted to stay, then it might have been a believable statement. Still, it’s nice way of abdicating responsibility for your actions.

‘I will say only one thing – I have got massive respect for Arsène Wenger, Arsenal football club and the Arsenal fans,’ said Fabregas. ‘Even in my own house, I have not felt as loved as I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsène and it was the greatest (longest) conversation I have had with anyone in my life.

‘I respect him, so, so much and I don't want to say anything more. Wenger said to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in the future. It is now all about Arsenal – it is not in my hands. Now I just wait: it is up to Arsenal. Right now all I am thinking about is the World Cup: everything else is the future and I am not going to say anything else.’

However, Fabregas’ dad has a rather different take on it: he claims that Cesc wants out as soon as possible and that it is up to Arsenal to make that happen. Which is a nice way of shifting responsibility onto the club – again.

‘Arsenal have to respect the decision and the will of the player,’ said Daddy Fabregas. ‘Cesc is now focused on the Spanish team but he wants to close the signing soon. I get the feeling that the English club do not want to sell but in the end will finally give in and let Cesc go. We just want this to end soon.’

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