Fabregas: Arsenal are scared of losing big games

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has admitted that his team were scared of losing against Manchester United last Monday night and struggle mentally in bigger games.

The Gunners lost 1-0 to Manchester United and once again gave a lacklustre performance in a game against one of the Premier League’s top four teams.

‘They [United] were more aggressive than us,’ Fabregas told reporters. ‘They have the belief that comes from not losing at all [in the league] this season. That gives you a lot of help mentally.’

The Arsenal captain continued: ‘I'm realising more and more that football is all about confidence and mentality. Sometimes you do the right thing but, if people tell you it's not right, you start believing it, even though you were right at first.’

‘I think the difference on the night was that we were scared of losing but they were not scared of winning. That was a big difference that played in our heads. Sometimes we seem scared of losing these big games – we don't really go for it and we're tempted to drop back and see what the opposition do.’

The Spain international added: ‘We look to see if we are capable of beating them by what they are doing and how good they are on the day, instead of us going forward, causing them problems and dominating the game ourselves.’

Following the United game the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, admitted that his team had been over anxious: ‘We looked a little nervous at Old Trafford. We put a bit too much pressure on our shoulders because we were so intent on winning a big game and as a result we didn't turn up with the kind of performance we can produce.’

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