Fabregas accused of spitting after Hull match

Arsenal's controversial FA Cup win over Hull City has been overshadowed by allegations that Cesc Fabregas spat at a member of the Tigers management team following the final whistle. The FA have asked Hull to provide their version of the unsavoury events which are alleged to have taken place.

Tigers boss Phil Brown claims that Fabregas spat at the feet of Hull assistant manager Brian Horton. The most amazing part of the story is that the Spanish international didn't even play in the match but appeared on the pitch in his civvies following the final whistle.

The Arsenal midfielder has categorically denied the allegations: "I was on the pitch at the end of the game celebrating with my team-mates, but I promise I did not do anything wrong," Fabregas said. "It was not until half an hour after the game that I heard what Hull were saying about me and it is not something that is easy to accept. I understand Hull are angry and frustrated about going out of the FA Cup but I don't know why they are saying these things about me because it did not happen. That is the truth. I don't even know who the assistant manager of Hull is or what he looks like."

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