Fabio Capello's plan to stop Gareth Bale

England manager Fabio Capello has revealed that he will make special plans to nullify the threat of Wales' best player at tonight's Euro 2012 qualifier – Gareth Bale.

The Tottenham man will be getting special attention from England's defenders, according to the Italian, who wants to make sure that he snuffed out of the game, cutting off the supply to him. He even admitted that he is changing his system in order to make sure that he doesn't cause England damage.

'Bale always makes a difference,' said Capello. 'He is a really, really, important player for Wales. We need to find a system to stop him and stop people passing to him.

'We need to be very careful every time he receives the ball. I have watched (Wales') game against Montenegro and he played really well. He is a really good, important player. I watched the game he played when Spurs played against Man City and he was so-so. He was not at the top of his form, but in the game he played with Wales against Montenegro he had improved a lot.

'He ran a lot, was really fast. It will be a problem to stop him because it is difficult when he receives the ball and attacks the space. He's fast and technically he is fantastic. He can play left or right - a very good player.'

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