Fabio Capello to stand down in 2010?

Oh dear – there’s been a bit of confusion going on at the English FA headquarters. Yesterday, Italian signing Fabio Capello told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that he was going to stand down from his role as England coach after the 2010 World Cup (although going on the past few managers lifetimes in the job, that might have been a bit optimistic looking two years down the road). It turns out what he really meant was that he was only concentrating on getting to the World Cup in 2010, and hadn’t thought of life after the competition.

Still, at least for a few hours it was a bit refreshing - an England football coach who had already predetermined when he was going to leave his position….the tabloid hacks must have been spitting. Capello also said that he won't be returning to coach the Italian national side after his stint in England, in fact he’s not going to do anymore coaching when his current contract is up.

But rest assured, he’s not about to jump ship – in fact Capello said that it’s his aim to get England’s team of millionaire haircuts into the top three sides in the world by 2010. He then had a bit of a moan about how many English players actually take part in the top flight in this country. "In the Premier League only 35 percent of the players are English, while in Italy it is around 72 percent." (LA Repubblica) Quickly slipping in an excuse there. Nice work Fabio.

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