Fabio Capello: need to know

With Fabio Capello nabbing the England job, The Guardian blog has put together a very handy list of “10 things you need to know about Capello”, from which we learn the following nuggets:
• He has won trophies at every club he’s managed (though not many in knockout competitions)
• He is very serious about friendliness and, when questioned about this, once replied: "Your face looks like a penis."
• He scored the only goal in Italy’s first-ever away win v England, at Wembley.
• He worked in business in between playing and managing – in a series of management roles.
• He has a £10m art collection.
• He once asked Ronaldo: “Aren't you ashamed of being so fat?" In front of his then-Real Madrid team mates in the dressing room.
• He likes to make rude gestures at fans who annoy him.
• His specs are sponsored by Zeroh+, who say they "match the style and infinite attention to detail plus the drive and sporting vitality that epitomises him in every aspect of his life".

We’re really beginning to like him, especially some of his emotional on pitch moves (check out our gallery of the best). Got any more juice on the Fab one?

Read the full blog.

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