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Ok ok, our Champions League predictions were way off. But fear not! After wiping the egg off our faces all day yesterday, we'll be eating scrambled eggs for breakfast, a fried egg on eggy bread for lunch and having omelettes for tea as penance until March 4. The return legs are in two weeks time and we'll have to wait until then to challenge Don Fabio's Nostradamus style prophecies again.

At least we predicted that Utd would get a result at Lyon (1-1). Tevez snatched a point at the end after Karim (insert your own lazy 'the New Zidane' reference here) Benzema had put Lyon one up early in the second half.

Not content with using the tao of Paolo Montero, i.e. kick the living sh*t out of your opponent, to contain Ronaldo, Lyon got all high tech. He was dazzled by a laser beam from the crowd during the warm up. Seems more Buck Rogers than Champions League. What next, catapults at Old Trafford?

On a brighter note, well not really, in the big smoke, Wenger's babies displayed all of their youthful exuberance in the face of World Champions Italy, we mean AC Milan!

Milan's dad rockers at the back were strutting their stuff to Phil Collins and Phil Bailey's 1984 classic 'Easy Lover' before Fabregas and Co were even a glint in their fathers' eyes. At times last night it showed.

But in the end Adebayor missed a sitter at the death. The sides go to the San Siro all square at 0-0.

Elsewhere, Celtic went down 3-2 to Barcelona and their new messiah Messi. Not even the heroic efforts of Celtic's own Ronaldinho (letters of complaint should be addressed to Martin O'Neill c/o Aston Villa), Aiden McGeady, could save the hoops.

We're off to have our egg sarnies. Roll on March 4!

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