FA goes for World Cup 2018

It may be 11 years away but already countries are starting to throw their hats into the ring to host the world’s biggest football party, the World Cup.

And David Beckham is fancied as our mascot to lead the FA’s bid – which will cost a cool £15 million, some sources claim.

Is he the right man for the job? Well, he made a good contribution as part of the Olympic bid. He’s handsome (now – but what about in 11 years time?) and relatively erudite these days. At least he’s never miming. Eh, Posh?

Do we want the finals here? Of course we do. Surely the country would love to host the finals. After all – we know that, first and foremost, the most vital necessity in this life –we know how to throw a PARTY! Well, according to Frank Gallacher anyway.

(Image: from Russell C’s Flickr stream)

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