Did you watch the FA Cup final with your club with Wembley tickets?

14th May 2011 was a big day in the football world with all the domestic clubs fighting it out over the whole season to reach the FA cup final match at Wembley Stadium. The clubs who made it to the final this year were Manchester City and Stoke City, both Premier League teams.

FA Cup final football club Wembley tickets were more expensive than ever before in 2011, seeing prices topping the £100 mark for the first time. The most expensive ticket was £115 and the cheapest was £45. Both clubs had an allocation of 25,000 tickets for season ticket holders. Whilst this was sufficient for the 21,000 season ticket holders at Stoke City FC, the 36,000 Manchester City season ticket holders were less impressed since it left 15,000 fans needing to purchase tickets from elsewhere.

The match was uneventful for all of the first half and most of the second half with end to end play, great footballing skills and some decent tackles. It was only sixteen minutes before the end however that Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure scored a goal to take the club into the lead. Stoke City tried hard but were unable to equalise leaving Manchester City the victors for a fifth time in the FA Cup final and destined to now meet rivals Manchester United in the 2011 Community Shield. Stoke City and their fans should be proud of their performance in their very first FA Cup final: long may their form continue.

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