F1’s new boys

Just when you thought Formula 1 was becoming boring – around ten years ago, to be precise – F1 (or is it a pastime?) goes and surprises you. Along comes a new, fresh, ludicrously rich player in the sport of billionaires and monolithic car corporations.

Dr Vijay Mallya is making a personal assault on the dullest sporting contest known to man by launching his own F1 team. Bizarrely he describes F1 as the “high point of glamour in sport”.

Now, he may know a bit about making dosh in India, but he’s not got his facts straight on glamour and sport.

Le Mans is more glamorous than the entire F1 season put together. Horse racing’s ultra-glamorous occasions are numerous – Royal Ascot, The Melbourne Cup, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe to name three. The World Cup. The Open and The Masters. Wimbledon. The Americas Cup. Need we go on?

F1 can’t hold a candle to any of these events. Come on – there are scantily-clad dolly-birds holding umbrellas in the pit-lane for gawd’s sake. There’s more glamour in Hull.

(Image: from Ian Wilson’s flickr stream)

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