Where can I find f1 racing tickets

There are many ways that you can buy f1 racing tickets, and they can be surprisingly cheap depending on the race. Most sites only offer the tickets so you’ll need to arrange transport and accommodation, these factors can add up especially if you have to travel to somewhere like Singapore or Saudi Arabia. The official F1 site is probably the best to get the most up to date offers and ticket availability but other sites can give you discounts on travel and accommodation as well as the tickets themselves.


This is the official home of the F1 and racing tickets are available from there with added options such as hotel and travel if you don’t already have those in place. This site has booking information for all of the latest races including the Singapore weekend from the 23rd to the 25th of September, as well as options to book for the 2012 season. Using the Singapore race as an example tickets start at £673 for the cheapest race weekend only tickets; the prices go up to £5400 per person for flights, hotel and the best tickets over the race weekend.


This is an unofficial site that offers f1 racing tickets as well as other packages that allow people to get a package that may work out cheaper than booking through the official site. They don’t offer flight information or hotels as such but they do offer links to hotel sites so you can still book it all in one visit. They offer VIP packages that include parties and events based around the race weekend, these are quite expensive starting at £442 for the Amber Lounge experience, the go up in price to £3,912 for the exclusive Sky suite experience, and again these are based on the Singapore 2011 race and are subject to change. Further packages and details are available on the site itself.


This site offers pre-determined packages, this is a good idea as it makes sure that everything is timed properly so you don’t miss anything, plus everything that is required, tickets, hotels, etc. are taken care of by the same team. They only have availability for the Abu Dhabi 2011 race or the 2012 season at the moment, this suggests either the service is popular or they have less ticket availability then other sites. The packages on this site start at £1591 for Abu Dhabi and this does not includes flights in the package. They do give the option for only booking tickets if you would rather have a different hotel.

All three of these sites offer similar booking processes which are quite straight forward and very easy to complete. All of these sites are similar in design, giving access to track layout, hotel information and amenities as well as tourist information so you can find other stuff to do whilst  qualifying sessions or the race itself are not on.

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