F1 Brazil 2013: Vettel Win Ninth Consecutive Race

Sebastian Vettel won again, closing out 2013 with a record equalling 13 wins for the season and taking his 9th win in a row, which equals the record Alberto Ascari established in 1953. But his dominants of the race didn’t make for a boring Brazilian Grand Prix.

Over the course of the 71 laps there was no doubt that the German four-time world champion would win the race, despite a minor scare in the pits and some hard charging from his teammate, Mark Webber.

Mark Webber’s final Grand Prix finished like a lot of his races with Red Bull, in second place behind his team mate, and pretty much typified the Australian’s career with the 2013 Constructors World Champions. He held off Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari and then marked the occasion by completing the slowdown lap with his helmet off. There were some congratulations from his team that were broadcast to TV viewers, but without his helmet on Webber was unable to respond to them.

Vettel was doing most of the talking during his slowdown lap. “Remember this. Enjoy this moment. Yes! We did it! This is unbelievable," Vettel said to his team over the radio. The German Red Bull driver, who wrapped up his fourth world crown weeks ago in India, was overtaken at the start but quickly regained the lead by overtaking Nico Rosberg on the second lap. From there he cruised to the record equalling win that closed out a predictable but decent season of Formula One. Let’s hope that next year’s rule changes leads to a change of the guard.

F1 2014 sees a raft of changes that include fuel limited to 100kg, and a weight reduction in the Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) batteries. There are other changes including the loss of the rear wing’s lower beam wing and an extension of the exhausts which must now extend 185mm behind the rear axle. But the engine change will make the biggest as new hybrid turbo engines are being introduced into Formula One.

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