F1 2014: Double Points in Finale to Keep Championship Alive

The FIA are probably getting a bit desperate to have someone else’s name on the F1 driver’s trophy after four years of Sebastian Vettel dominance. In their desperation they’ve decided to offer double points in the last race, a rule we’re not sure is in keeping with the spirit of motorsport’s top championship.

The new rule will apparently “maximise focus on the championship until the end of the campaign” but it seems a bit false to us. If the system had been in place for 2013 there wouldn’t have been any change in the eventual winner, but if it had been used in 2012, Fernando Alonso would have become World Champion, and Felipe Massa would have won the world title in 2008 ahead of Lewis Hamilton if the FIA has come up with the idea 5 years ago.

As well as tinkering with the points system, the FIA has also been looking at a cost cap. So far they’ve only agreed that one needs to be put in place for the teams and they've decided that one will be in place by January 2015. Changing the driver’s number system so that in future a driver and a number can be synonymous, as they are in Moto GP and NASCAR competitions, has been agreed. The number 1 will still be reserved for the world champion, but there won’t be any obligation for the champion to use the number.

The introduction of a five-second penalty for minor infractions was also agreed, and the FIA has confirmed that Pirelli’s tyres will be tested by six teams in Bahrain next week. The teams getting to test the new rubber are Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Force India, Toro Rosso and McLaren.

There might well be some changes to the new rules before the 2014 Formula One season starts as new regulations are often argued by one team or another. We’re interested to hear what Bernie has to say about this new idea. When the FIA make an announcement, you never know whether he will be supportive of it or whether he'll rubbish it.

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