Explosions hit Boston marathon

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The Boston marathon ended in terror and bloodshed with two massive explosions near the finish line. The blasts killed at least three and more than 100 runners or spectators were injured. As yet no terrorist group has claimed responsibility.

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The explosions took place just a few feet from the finish line where the spectators were most densely packed, suggesting a carefully-targeted attack that could have claimed many more lives.

According to a report based on police information, the explosive devices comprised gunpowder and ball bearings and other shrapnel designed to cause maximum damage in close proximity to the blasts. As local hospitals deployed emergency procedures, surgeons reported patients with severe shrapnel injuries to the lower limbs, many of them life threatening.

The White House stopped short of calling the attack terrorism but the Boston police commissioner Ed Davis implied that was the most obvious explanation. "We're not being definitive about this right now, but you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Explosions hit Boston marathon - Video

"This cowardly act will not be taken in our stride," Davis added. "We will turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this." There were rumours that the authorities had identified a "person of interest" among the casualties, but this was denied. Boston police were also seen carrying out searches in the Revere district of the city.

President Obama asked for Americans to pray for Boston. "We will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable," he said. "Make no mistake, we will find out who did this and why they did this, and the groups or individuals responsible will feel the full weight of justice."

The dead included an eight year-old boy, while several more children were among the injured.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Explosions hit Boston marathon - Video

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