Step Up the Weight Loss with an Exercise Stepper

Cardiovascular exercise along with resistance training is the best way to tone the muscles and lose weight at the same time. An exercise stepper gives you both the cardio workout with the resistance that you need to build and tone your calf and thigh muscles, whilst burning calories and fat. You do not need to join a gym or buy one of those big stepper machines when you can purchase a mini stepper machine to use at home or the office.

Benefits of an Exercise Stepper

When purchasing home exercising equipment, many rush out to buy treadmills, elliptical machines, and exercise bikes, overlooking an effective but simple little machine – the exercise stepper. The stepper is the perfect way to get a low-impact workout that raises the heartbeat and strengthens the leg muscles at the same time.


Using an exercise stepper targets the calves, glutes, and hamstring muscles. If you use a mini-stepper then you have no rails to hold onto, forcing the abdominals to work to help keep your balance.


To know you are really burning calories you need to raise the heartbeat and sweat a bit. An exercise stepper does that for you because it is challenging. It challenges you to keep pushing and working those muscles while you burn calories.


Unlike many pieces of exercise machines, a mini exercise stepper is easily portable and small enough to store out of the way. A mini stepper can be slid under a desk and used whilst at work or in the evenings at home when you are watching your favourite shows.


Gyms carry the full sized steppers that do offer many options. Nevertheless, mini exercise steppers are the choice for home use and they come with or without resistance bands.

The standard stepper has two pedals that you step or walk on and currently are available at Decathlon.co.uk for £29.99.

Exercise steppers with resistant bands work the arms and back whilst you give your legs a workout, providing an all over workout. Decathlon carries the Domyos model for £39.99 whilst woteverGames.co.uk carries their mini exercise stepper with latex bungee cords for £80.


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