We check out the best online resource for finding exercise equipments

Do you prefer the idea of building you own home gym rather than fighting off a bunch of meat heads to use equipment at a cramped and over-priced gym? If you have the space, building your own gym is one of the best things a person can do, providing of course they can find the exercise equipments for a reasonable price! In this blog, we aim to help you out with that as we try and find sites offering this equipment for a decent price. So lets take a gander at what is out there!

Building a home gym often falls down because people overestimate how much equipment they will need. All we suggest you need to pick up is a chin up bar, a squat rack and decent bar to go on it, a bench, a yoga mat for doing floor exercises and a comprehensive set of dumbbells. Simply put, anything more than this is excessive. These elements allow you to put together a hugely comprehensive weights programme that will give you an all over workout.

When it comes to actually buying the equipment, we suggest you check out the Exercise Equipment site at www.exerciseequipment.co.uk/. this site contains all of the equipment you will need to buy, at extremely reasonable prices in terms of cost and delivery charges. We recommend keeping an eye on delivery charges when it comes to buying gym equipment, as this is often when the cost of it starts to pile up due to the heavy nature of the weights.

If you fancy a slightly more budget friendly option, then we suggest checking out the range of exercies equipment available from Argos at www.argos.co.uk/. They carry a huge range, and it is perfect for the budgeting consumer.

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