Get Moving with Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

Gym memberships are great! All you have to do is pay a yearly or monthly fee and remember to go. For many, that is the problem, they pay the fee with no time to go or they have the time but not the money for the fees. However, you don’t need a gym to workout in if you have the basic exercise equipment for the home. Here’s how you can build your own home gym and work out when you want, without paying any monthly fees.

Basic Exercise Equipment for Home Gyms

To get started you need some basics. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, you will want the basics for cardiovascular training as well as strength training in your home gym.

The best exercise equipment for home workouts are a combination of both.

Workout Bench

The most basic piece of exercise equipment for home workouts is the bench. It needs to be versatile and sturdy. Try to find one the both declines and inclines, if you cannot, make sure it is able to at least incline. Choose one that is padded well and wide enough for your shoulder blades to fit comfortably on top.

Basic Weight Set

Beginners should start out with a basic 110-pound Olympic weight set. As you progress, you can purchase additional plates. Stick with metal or rubber coated plates as plastic ones can crumble over time.

Chin Up Bar

This simple piece of exercise equipment for home gyms is affordable and fits between two doorjambs. A chin up bar is the easiest way to target the upper body and abdomens as well as work your upper back from the overhead position.

Additional Exercise Equipment for Home Gyms

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is the one piece of exercise equipment for home workouts that provides a complete body work out. You have to use both the lower and upper body to row, which works a variety of muscles at once.

Elliptical Machine

Another great all over workout is with the elliptical machine. Whilst using both upper and lower body to work the machine, you work and tone the major muscle groups.

Productivity Tip

If possible, invest in a full-length mirror to work out in front of. This helps you to watch your form and motivate you to make the most of your workout.


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