Which Exercise Equipment Should You Choose?

There’s lots of different types of exercise equipment so it can be easy to get many mixed up. Cardiovascular machines are often the ones that people struggle with, especially when it comes to working out what is best for you.

The running machine, also known as the treadmill, is the most commonly used exercise equipment throughout the world. However, it’s not the best one for you. While it does help you work your heart and lungs, it doesn’t do the best for your legs and running speed. The belt helps you run the distance that the machine says you do; when you run outside, you’ll have to do more work.

Treadmills also cause problems for the knees because of the impact on the machines, which is why cross-trainers are a better option. The cross-trainers are machines that make you do the same movement as running but you need to put a little more effort in. There’s no belt; all of the work you do is your own. The machine does offer friction so you can put more resistance if you want to work your thighs more.

Similar to the cross-trainer is the skating machines. Rather than moving your legs forwards and backwards, you move the sideways – it’s exactly like you’re skating. You can put more resistance against the movements like the cross-trainer so you can go as fast or as slow as you want. This is a great way to work the muscles in your upper thighs and your bum.

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