Excite’s kiss of death

Here at SportsScene, we’re a superstitious bunch. We said Andy Murray would do well at the Aussie Open, and he got beat in the first. Which got us thinking – maybe we’ve got the Power. Maybe those we predict for greatness are condemned to abject failure.

So, giving away a few of our own sporting allegiances, here are three predictions we hope go the same way as our tip for Master Murray:
• England to beat Wales on the first day of the Six Nations and go on to win the Grand Slam. (Likely outcome: Wales to win by a point and England to slip back into the mire.)
• Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal and Everton to go on a 19-game winning run. (Likely outcome: West Ham to win every game left and finish in a top-three spot behind Liverpool and Pompey (now that is far-fetched – Liverpool in the top three)).
• Alonso to win the first nine Grand Prix and have the championship sown up early on. (Actually, that’s not such a crazy prediction.)

Let’s hope none of our predictions come true and that what’s in the brackets is closer to what actually happens.

BTW – the winning Lottery numbers for Wednesday are: 1, 9, 16, 22, 36 and 42.

(Image: from Sir Sabbhat’s flickr stream)

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