Every dog has his day

Steve Davis ‘rolled back the years’ (isn’t that the best cliché ever?) yesterday at the crucible, becoming the oldest player for 21 years to win a match at the World Championships. The 52-year-old Nugget beat Mark King 10-9 in an epic seven-and-a-half-hour clash that was full of tactical play and tight frames.

Davis, who is basically a part-time player these days, will now face current World Champ John Higgins in the next round, where he will surely be stomped on like a beetle with one leg, but at least the six-time winner has had another day in the sun, however brief it was.

‘Considering I haven't played much competitive snooker that was like climbing a mountain for me,’ said Davis afterwards. ‘I played as solidly as I could even though it wasn't the greatest, but it was as solid as I've been recently, and I got over the line.

‘What a feeling. The last frame was torture. It was good to actually win a match here at the Crucible after a few dismal performances here over the past few years, and hold myself together.’

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