Even F1 espionage is dull

Grand Prix motorsport suffers from an image of being rather dull. Its dozens of fans may refute this notion, but to the other 99.99% of the population who really don’t care one way or the other about it – it’s dull. End of.

You know things are bad when the sport’s own commentators get more excited about pit-stops that at any other time during the race. And now, when something genuinely exciting happens – Renault is found guilty of industrial espionage – the powers-that-be do… nothing. No sackings. No points deducted. No heated press conferences. Nothing.

We know F1 is an amazing feat of engineering, and the drivers are amazing athletes. But the end-product is just not that exciting. Cricket suffered from the same thing – with only aficionados gripped by Test cricket. So they invented one-dayers, then went even further by introducing the hugely popular and highly entertaining 20/20 series.

F1 needs to sort itself out. Maybe F1 dodgems would be good? With blindfolded drivers...

(Image: from edvvc's flickr stream)

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