Remember the European super league? Way back in the late 90s it was all the rage to talk of a 16 team championship which only included the crème de le crème (read: richest and most politically powerful) of European football. Then it died off, once it turned out that was exactly what the Champions League was.

Well Arsene Wenger can see it coming, showing remarkable vision for a man whose catchphrase is ‘I didn’t see it’, and apparently it’s going to happen within the next ten years.

‘I see more a European league developing over time rather than one team going out of the country,’ said Wenger. ‘The national leagues will survive but maybe in 10 years, you will have a European league.

‘I feel inside our game there are some voices behind the scenes coming up to do something about that, especially if the rules become too restrictive for these clubs.

‘The way we are going financially is that even the money that will be coming in from the Champions League will not be enough for some clubs because they spend too much money. The income is basically owned by Uefa and they distribute the money to the clubs.’

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