The top 5 classic European football jerseys

Certain clubs dominated their era in a way that made them live long in the memory. The style and stars of these 5 legendary sides made them rise to the pinnacle of European football.  Their jerseys can be picked up as replicas on ebay (www.ebay.co.uk) or at the Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company (www.toffs.com).

1. Ajax ruled Europe at the start of the 1970s in their cool all-white strip with the broad red vertical stripe. Players like Cruyff, Neeskens, Rep and Haan made total football the most mesmerising style Europe had ever seen.

2. Before Milan became the world fashion capital, the classic red and black stripes of the formidable 1960s AC Milan team carried an air of Italian elegance. It's a pity that their style of play in that era was more often inclined to be brutal rather than beautiful.

3. The green and white hoops of Celtic were the first colours of a British club to be draped over the European Cup in 1967. Glasgow fans still get lyrical about that great team of players, when they were still slim enough to wear a horizontal stripe with grace and style.

4. The Liverpool shirt, like their great team of the late 70s and early 80s, made a virtue out of simplicity. Take some red, and add more red was the design brief, and it always managed to look cool on players like Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen and Ian Callaghan.

5. Bringing us bang up to date are Barcelona and their classic deep red and blue stripes adorned with the UNICEF logo. Matching a brilliant style of play to instantly-recognisable design, this is among the most widely recognised European football jerseys in the world.


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