There are still a few european football final 2011 wembley tickets for sale.

The European cup final is also known as the Champions League cup final. Played throughout Europe, this year the final is between Manchester United and Barcelona FC. Both giants of their sport in their homelands and revered abroad, this looks set to be a real clash of the titans. Hard to predict which team is on the best form just now, this will come down to who plays the best on the day and walks away with the prize.

Hosted at the world famous Wembley Stadium, this match will be a fantastic day out for everyone who attends, whether their team wins or not.Just setting foot in this venue, feeling the atmosphere and hearing the roar of the crowd will guarantee an experience never to be forgotten.

European football final 2011 wembley tickets are still on sale although are few and far between. If you are lucky enough to be free on the day and have sufficient funds to enable you to go to the match, you will be able to buy tickets from the UEFA and Champions League websites. You could also try some of the major ticket agencies such as ticketmaster.co.uk or the football specific agencies although the booking fees charged can be high. Ticket prices start at £1500 and can be as high as £5500 depending on the seat that you want and any other match benefits required. You have less than two weeks to secure your ticket for the European cup: time to get a wriggle on.

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