European clubs could break away from Fifa and Uefa

A breakaway European Super League has been mooted for at least the last 15 years, each time with the continent's top clubs claiming that they just can't make enough money playing their lowly domestic opposition, and that a pot of gold lies at the end of the super league rainbow. Each time it's also never come to anything, with the clubs knowing deep down that their bread gets buttered more effectively within the 'constraints' of their domestic campaigns.

Now however it looks like the clubs are genuinely looking at it as an option, although this time their apparently concerned with the corruption evident in the higher echelons of Fifa, finances (of course) and the expansion of the international calendar. The clubs are particularly concerned about the latter, which will see their highly-paid stars jet off around the world with no compensation for those who pay them, and the cost of treating any injuries resting solely on them.

The clubs have a memorandum of understanding with Uefa which runs out in 2014. When it does run out the clubs will no longer be bound to play in the Champions League, nor release players for international competitions, including the World Cup. Now the European Club Association will seriously considering pulling away from Uefa and Fifa if they don't receive the assurances they want.

'The fact that Bayern Munich, who have always been close to the institutions, are being so vocal and loud about the situation is a clear sign we're very close to breaking point,' said a board member of the ECA. 'We have a memorandum of understanding with Uefa that expires in 2014.

'After that time we can no longer be forced to respect Fifa statutes or Uefa regulations. And we won't be obliged to compete in their competitions.'

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