Get a taste of European action with Europa League tickets

Europa League tickets might not be as prized as their Champions League equivalents, but for fans at some of the unfashionable clubs, the chance to see European action is rare, and to be prized.

Tottenham Hotspur (tottenhamhotspur.com) fans will hope their club is back in the big tournament next year, but for now they can buy Europa League tickets direct from the club website. Cheapest tickets for adults are £25, or £10 for juniors and OAPs.

Fulham (fulhamfc.com) offers tickets for its Europa League ties online. They have a points system for priority, so regular fans have improved chances of finding tickets for popular matches. Fulham reached the final of the Europa League in 2010, so it's a competition the club enjoys.

Stoke City (stokecityfc.com) offer Europa League tickets on a one-off basis or as part of a multi-ticket deal for all the group stage games. Members and season ticket holders will be given priority for these games, but there should still be some available for general sale.

Birmingham City (bcfc.com) requires fans to be members or register online to buy tickets directly from the club website, but there will be some general sale availability on Europa League games. Adult prices range from £16 to £40, depending on the grade of the match and the choice of seating area.

Celtic (celticfc.net) are enjoying their reprieve and remaining in the competition. Tickets are priced from £28 adults and from £17 concessions. Tickets can be purchased online, by calling 0871 226 1888 or by visiting the Celtic Ticket Office. Packages of Europa League tickets for 3 matches are available at £78 adults or £45 concessions.


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