Europa League excitement

Oh the Europa League, how you frustrate us. Without the interminable group stages you could truly be a cracking competition, but right now, at the start of the season, you really are a bit of a bore. Shall we meet again in February, when you get interesting, or shall we do a mini-round up, choking back the yawns as we go?

Ah, ever the professionals, we forge ahead, and tell you that both Manchester City and Liverpool had winning starts to their campaigns, with Liverpool beating Trabzonspor 1-0 at Anfield and City beating FC Timisoara 1-0 in Romania. Most interestingly, new signing Mario Balotelli scored the winner and got booked for getting aggressive with an opposition player, showing City fans just what kind of nut-job he is, as well as being a very good striker.

‘He had a great debut and I don't think this will be the only time we see him do something like this,’ said Roberto Mancini. ‘I'm really happy for him that he has scored, he is a good player and remember, too, this was the first time he has played with this team. It is important for him that he gets to know his new team-mates and when he does that I think he will improve and we will see more goals from him.’

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