ESPN to launch new Premier League channel

US sports channel ESPN has announced details of a new channel which will launch in Britain in early August and screen the 46 live Premier League games that the company bought following Setanta's demise last month.

The new channel, which will be called just ESPN, is set to go on air two-weeks ahead of the new Premier League season which kicks off on 15 August. Football fans will have to pay £9 per month on top of their Sky Sports subscription to access the service.

ESPN have announced that they are looking to acquire the rights to other sporting events for their new exclusively UK channel.

"We are interested in rights when they become available and when they make business sense. If we were to acquire additional live rights for the UK market, it is likely they would be broadcast on this [ESPN] channel," a company spokesperson said.

The Scottish Premier League, previously owned by Setanta, is believed to be one of ESPN's main targets.

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