Televised ESPN tennis tournaments

US Open

ESPN covered the US Open in 2011, its third year of coverage, which included showing live broadcasts of the women's doubles final on ESPN2 on Sunday, September 11th. On the same channel, there was also live coverage of singles matches up to and including the quarter-finals of both the men's and women's events. ESPN's coverage of the New York-based tournament began on August 29th.Wimbledon

Wimbledon was one of the televised ESPN tennis tournaments that didn't feature live coverage of singles finals. But, from 2012 onwards, ESPN will show, exclusively, both the men's and women's finals live in the US. The company had previously shown the finals of the tournament on delay. In 2011, ESPN broadcast one live men's and women's semi-final on ESPN3.com, and covered Wimbledon extensively. ESPN's new Wimbledon contract runs until 2023, and they first began broadcasting from Wimbledon in 2003.

French Open

The 2011 French Open was broadcast on ESPN2 HD from the opening day of the Paris tournament, and live coverage continued up to the women's semi-finals, and also included a lot of other coverage related to the championships. ESPN first began broadcasting the French Open in 1986, and up to 1993. After a break of nearly a decade, ESPN has broadcast the event since 2002.

Australian Open

Of all the televised ESPN tennis tournaments, the Australian Open was particularly significant for the company, as it was the first Grand Slam event ESPN broadcast, back in 1984. Live coverage of the 2011 Australian Open was shown on ESPN3.com and ESPN2 HD. ESPN2 HD showed 124 hours of live tennis, which was the most live coverage on an ESPN TV station for a Grand Slam tennis tournament. Both the men's and women's singles were shown live.

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