Ericksson signals Notts County

Sven Goran Eriksson has plunged back into English football at the deepest of deep ends by taking on the job at Notts County, a once-proud club stuck in the doldrums of League Two. The shock move has been financed by a consortium backed by Middle Eastern financiers who took over the club last week, and makes claims that they’ll be in The Championship within five years seem not that crazy a proposition.

The Swede will be responsible not only for the performance of the first team, but also training facilities, player and youth development and the health and fitness of the players.

‘I am particularly attracted to this role and the unique opportunity to help build a club over the longer term,’ he said. ‘I will be responsible for all aspects of the football side of the club and in line with the aspirations of the new owners, wish to build the club at the heart of the community. I started my football management career at a small lower division Swedish club and we managed to get them into the top flight.

‘I can think of no better challenge than to attempt to do that again but this time with the world's oldest football club, where we can add to a proud tradition and hopefully bring some richly deserved success. We hope to leave a long lasting football legacy for Notts County FC and its fans.’

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