Ennis sad about silver

Jessica Ennis was disappointed with a silver medal in the world indoor championships. She was hoping for a gold in the pentathlon to get her Olympic year off to the perfect start.

Ennis was denied by the current Olympic champion, Natallia Dobrynska, who set a new world record of 5,013 points. Ennis was 48 points behind, although she managed a personal best and British record of 4,965 points. Ennis had expected the main challenge to come from the Russian Tatyana Chernova, but Dobrynska has a habit of saving her best form for Olympic years.

Ennis had performed superbly in the shot putt and 60 metre hurdles but struggled in the long jump. She needed an outstanding performance in the 800 metres to take gold. She set a personal best, but it was not quite enough, even if if the scoreboard initially suggested she had won.

"It was an awful moment," Ennis said. "I just ran as hard as I could and I didn't really know the time. Then I looked at the screen, saw my name in first position and suddenly thought 'Oh, I have won' and it was a great feeling and then it was suddenly snatched away."

The disappointment may turn out to be the extra level of motivation she needs for Olympic success in August. "I'll get back into it and work on what I can and come back stronger in the summer," she said. "I need to make sure I learn from these experiences, get it right and turn silver into gold this summer."

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