England-New Zealand: Collingwood apologises for run-out decision

England's one-day captain Paul Collingwood was embroiled in controversy following an incident yesterday during his team's match against New Zealand at the Oval. Collingwood upheld England's appeal for the run-out of Grant Elliot after the New Zealander had collided mid-pitch with England bowler Ryan Sidebottom.

Collingwood was given the chance to withdraw his appeal for the run-out by umpire Mark Benson but chose to stick with his original call. The decision led to vocal protests from the New Zealand players.

Both the tabloids and the broadsheets have been quick to condemn Collingwood's actions, accusing the England captain of 'betraying the spirit of cricket'. He later apologised and admitted to having made the wrong decision. Justice was done in the end with New Zealand enjoying a one-wicket victory.

Collingwood run-out decision

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