England World Cup qualifier to be screened on t’interweb only

England may have breezed through the easiest World Cup qualifying campaign since their automatic place in the 1966 tournament, but England fans are going mental today, thanks to the decision to screen the forthcoming match against the Ukraine only on the internet.

Due to the meltdown of Setanta, who owned the rights to Saturday’s game, Swiss company Kentaro have stepped in, snapped up the broadcasting rights and are showing it on t’interweb (Cue 90 minutes of buffering).

"I find it outrageous” said Mark Perryman, a spokesman from the England Supporters group. “At 5.15 on a Saturday night, most of the England fans I know will not want to be sitting in front of a computer, even for an England game. A computer screen isn't really something you can sit around on the sofa with your family and mates, so I think the viewing figures are going to be low."

If you’re willing to stump up the whopping £11.99-on-the-day for the match go to Ukrainevengland.com but be warned ONLY 1 million people will be allowed to stream it.

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