England will play for win, says Graeme Swann

The final day of the final Test of the series between England and India has been underway for about an hour, with England looking to whitewash their opponents and take the series 4-0. For most of the series England's bowling attack has demolished India's batsmen, but yesterday they put up more of a fight, finishing the day's play at 129-3.

England will need to take wickets early today if they want to take the victory, as it looks like Sachin Tendulkar is ready to put in a long knock at the crease. However Graeme Swann is sure that England will get at them as they have done over the series, and take a final victory; he's also sure that they won't be playing negative cricket, hoping to see out a draw.

'After five days of cricket, if you're just going to turn up happy with the draw then you're not going to last long in this regime,' said Swann. 'We'll be turning up tomorrow 100% committed to try to win this game.

'We need to try to get the wickets early and especially get rid of Tendulkar. We don't want him sticking around too long.'

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