England will be fine at the World Cup, says Martin Johnson

England's Rugby World Cup preparations aren't exactly going to plan at the minute, with many fans worried that the team's midfield is completely lacking the creativity to do any damage to the world's best. However team manager Martin Johnson has said that he isn't concerned about the team, despite being beaten 19-9 by Wales in Cardiff on Saturday.

'There are things that, with hindsight, we would have done differently in Cardiff,' he said. 'But I'm not going to start panicking and throw everything out that we've built up over the last 18 months to two years.

'You're looking at a team that has won the Six Nations this year and won a Test match in the southern hemisphere last year. The midfield we've had has been good enough to win a championship and beat Australia home and away. It's not been all bad. We scored the most tries in the championship last year, for the second time in three years. You can look at it two different ways.

'The true test is when you get out there in World Cup conditions. A game in August doesn't compare to a game in September when you're out in New Zealand. When we get things right we can be a very competitive Test side and give everyone a game.'

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