England were better than us

Few things can be better as a fan of English cricket than watching Australia crumble into tiny pieces – at home – in the face of overwhelming English superiority. It makes up for all those years of Aussie dominance, and especially for the almighty hammering that they have us the last time we tried to take them on Down Under.

But now even Ricky Ponting – England fans’ bête noir now that Shane Warne has gone – can’t do anything but praise England for their superb performance with bat and ball, and recognise that the tables have turned, maybe for a long time to come.

‘For the first half of my reign I was used to winning but the last two to three years are totally different,’ he said. ‘It's nothing new for me or the players. We've stood up to England but not been good enough to win. There is no doubt that it's a bad loss for us. Defeat by an innings and 71 runs, having won the toss on a good wicket, says it all.

‘England out-batted, bowled and fielded us this entire game. We've done a lot of talking about how we're going to change and rectify things, but our actions have let us down.

‘I'll never doubt the commitment of any player that plays for Australia. We've talked a lot how important it is to fight and win key moments. There has been no lack of fight or endeavour. It's been our skills and thought processes that have let us down. It looks as though we'll have to be at absolute best to work our way back in. Pressure is on players and coaches to give it our best shot.’

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