England Vs France tickets: did football tickets really sell for £5 each?

If you're a fan and paid to get England VS France tickets then football may have cost you anywhere up to £40.00 a ticket. There are hints on the Internet that tickets for children sold for as little as £5.00 in the borough of Brent, so let's investigate to see if this is true.

A look at the Thefa.com site, http://www.thefa.com/England/News/match-centre/2010/EnglandvFrance/Previews/Tickets, shows tickets for this match to have ranged from around £20.00 in price up to £40.00 for adults, and as little as £10.00 for children. While these prices were not extravagant, there were rumours going round that prices in the borough of Brent were as low as £5.00 and this caused quite a stir with football fans living in other areas.

Metro.co.uk published an article on the 5th of November 2010 that suggested football chiefs took drastic measures to increase ticket sales to the match played on the 16th by reducing prices drastically for residents in the borough of Brent. These cheap tickets were advertised at matches throughout the South East and in London, and flyer distributors also handed out leaflets in Brent to advertise these low-priced tickets.

All prospective buyers had to do was present a council tax statement or a utility bill when they went to purchase their bargain tickets.You may ask why footballs chiefs went this far to secure higher booking rates, and the answer is that only 44,000 tickets were sold for this game. The low numbers could not be explained, but some claimed that it had to do with England's performance at the World Cup.

This is a clear example why it's good to keep an eye on the media if you're hoping to book football tickets for a big event, because bargains can be had. England Vs France tickets for that football match did sell for incredibly low prices and if it's happened once, it may happen again!

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