England versus France on Wednesday

So Fabio names his squad today for a much sterner test than his baptism against… who was it now? We forget. France is a tough fixture and it is going to be interesting to see what sort of show we put on against them.

One thing is for certain – if Beckham does get his 100th cap, it’ll be well deserved. Take away Brand Beckham – all the glamour, clothes and his insufferable wife (harsh? Nah!) – the lad has done the nation proud over the years. While we’re not sentimentalists, it would be fitting for him to go tons-up.

And, chances are, he’ll do us proud again.

Score on Wednesday? Not sure it matters, as long as there is definite evidence that Capello has turned things around from the debacle that McClaren left behind.

(Image: from elsie esq's flickr stream)

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