England 'tired'

The sporting weekend was aomewhat sullied by yet another poor England display, this time drawing the Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland 2-2, in a game that highlighted once again the national team's most obvious deficiencies: a lack of creativity and sluggish passing.

England fought back from 2-0 down to draw the game, but the pressure on manager Fabio Capello to get the team playing like they did in the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup, or at least with a sense of fluency. The italian has blamed the long and gruelling Premier League season for the player's performances, saying that the team played 'with energy', and even suggested that the team would suffer at Euro 2012 because of it.

This might seem like an excuse, and it's extremely tempting to call it a cheap attempt at diverting flack, but even Switzerland's Valon Behrami agreed, saying that 'they looked a bit tired because it is a long season – it is probably the most difficult league in the world – and that gave us confidence. Some of their players were really tired and didn't give 100 per cent.' The question is thoug; why is it only England players that suffer from tiredness?

'It is not just my idea that they are really tired – you can see it on the pitch,' Capello said. 'We must try to find a solution, but do you know the medicine? It is not the quality. We have got quality. The problem is the energy, not other things. This week they trained really well for one hour, but the game is 90 minutes. We are not so fresh. It was difficult.'

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