England so predictable

Forget the dazzling rugby being played pretty much everywhere else around the world – the good news is England intend to beat the French by battering them upfront this weekend.

As predictable as three large, lumbering, out-of-date predictable men saying the same thing over and over again ad infinitum, the English front three [insert current names here] are all fired up in the papers and talking up the contest – the game will be won and lost upfront, apparently. Aren’t we all a little tired of this machismo and bravura.

On the pitch, we like a bit of a physical ding-dong, like the rest of you. Trouble is, the only people who see what’s going on when the dinging and donging is going on in the front-five, is the two sets of five who are at it. And, occasionally, the ref…

Yawn, is all we can say. We’ll be tuning into the Wales game instead, to see if Italy can get any change out of the Gatland Gunners. Be a good game, you watch…

(Image: from YouTube)

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