England slip out of top seeds

It goes from bad to worse after Wednesday night’s defeat. England are now 12th in Fifa’s world rankings, behind the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany and… wait for it, Greece. This means we’ll be in a group with one of the world’s best teams after the World Cup draw on Sunday. Group of Death here we come.

Actually, why are we surprised we’re behind Greece? The Greeks are a good football side – committed, skilful and able to shut out a vital game at two-all (with only 20 minutes to play) against a side that has no vested interest in winning other than pride. That’s why they’re above us in the rankings.

Interestingly, Alan Shearer is emerging as a possible contender to take on a senior role in the next England set-up.

You’d get our vote, Alan. What do you think?

(Image: from ultra megatron’s flickr stream)

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