England rugby’s latest power struggle

Who knows what’s going to happen in the power-politics merry-go-round that the RFU has become. The latest round of shenanigans is in full flow as we type.

England rugby’s governing body is, frankly, all at sea. It doesn’t seem to know if the tail is wagging the dog, whether it’s right-handed, left-handed, or what each hand is supposed to be doing. It’s aimless. It’s directionless. And, frankly, it all appears to be rather a muddle. That’s the RFU we’re talking about, not the national side. Actually, hang on a minute…

Light-hearted banter about the slow inexorable slump of the English game aside… Errm… What else is there to say about English rugby?

Martin Johnson is being touted as the new front-runner to be England manager. Mmm… He’s got no administrative experience and he’s never managed a professional side in his life. Sounds like a safe pair of hands then.

(Image: from Unofficial England Rugby flickr stream)

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