England roar to 20:20 win

After such an abject, dismal display from Team England Rugby on Saturday – put to the sword by the Welsh Dragons – it’s nice to know we’re still good at – slog-cricket.

Yes, we’ve managed to tonk the Kiwis at hit-and-run in the first 20:20 game of tour. And KP whacked a few to lead the way.

Mmm… we’re not sure of the worth of international 20:20. It’s a great way to pack Lords full of inquisitive, thrill-happy youngsters on a mid-season Wednesday evening. But as a test of international mettle, does it have any real use?

Well done, the lads. But let’s see how it pans out in the bigger, more meaningful games.

(Image: from elsie esq.’s flickr stream)

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