England players 'mentally weak'

Fabio Capello has said that he knew before the match that his players weren't going to perform well against Wales at Wembley, citing the warm-up, which he says gave him all the evidence he needed that the squad has mental weakness.

It's not very often that you hear managers of international teams telling the world that their players have wobbly heads, but Capello is a different type of manager, clearly one who doesn't care if he upsets his players' sensibilities or not. So what's he going to do about this stunning like of mental fortitude? Nothing, apparently.

'Today I understood something (before the match),' he said. 'When I go out to the pitch before the game it is because I like to see the warm-up. Sometimes, in my career, I have understood a lot from the warm-up about what has then happened on the pitch. What I discovered is between the players and me. But, yes, I knew the game would be difficult.

'I tried to do that (change their mindset), I tried. I spoke with the players, said things, but it is impossible, with the things that I saw, to change. It was not too late, because it was not about giving the shirt to different players. The problem was here (tapping his head).'

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