England players could lose caps for Trinidad game

It looks as if England's friendly win over Trinidad and Tobago at Port of Spain last Saturday is in danger of being downgraded to a B international after the visitors used seven substitutes. The mistake could see the four players who made their debuts in the game lose their first caps.

Fifa introduced a new rule four years ago limiting the number of substitutes in friendly internationals to six, but the FA believed that they had been given special clearance from football's world governing body to exceed that limit. Fabio Capello brought on Joe Hart, Phil Jagielka, David Bentley and Peter Crouch at half-time while Ashley Young, Theo Walcott and Stephen Warnock came off the bench during the second half.

However, Fifa has denied giving England the go ahead to break the six substitute rule and it looks like the game will be stripped of its official status. That would mean Hart, Jagielka, Young and Warnock would still be considered uncapped players, Gareth Barry's first international goal and Jermain Defoe's brace would all be scrubbed from the record books. Nice one chaps.

T&T 0 England 3

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